Location | Prasat, Surin, Thailand
Owner | The One Supercenter Co.,Ltd.
Site Area | apprx. 12 rai
Floor Area | apprx. 2,500 sq.m.

The Rest Avenue with functions of food and souvenir retail shops originated from characteristic of Surin.

We bring 3 elements from 'Prasat' which are PRASAT LAYOUT, BRICK PATTERN, and GRID SYSTEM and combine them together in order to created an overall plan.

The 4 main entrances also have their features related to Surin which are
NORTH | ประตูคชสาร (Elephant gate)
EAST | ประตูรวงข้าว (Rice gate)
SOUTH | ประตูหม่อนไหม (Silk gate)
WEST | ประตูเมืองขอม (Khmer gate).