PROJECT | House Porch
TYPE | private residence
LOCATION | Rama IX, Bangkok, Thailand
OWNER | Mr. Niruch Vararuth
SITE AREA | 122.85 sq.m.
FLOOR AREA | 347.5 sq.m.

This house is located on centre of business district, Rama IX Rd., with high density of office building and residential building. An existing townhouse in this area has to be changed into this house by re-building the overall structure. Since restriction of building code, a detached house should be set from each side at least 50 centimetres without void, so this house is perfectly fit on the site with linear shape.

There are three levels which has all functions served for a couple who plan to have kids soon. On the first floor, there are space for car garage in front, which connect to an entrance foyer that leads into an interior space. Simple arrangement of the first-floor functions was designed in order to highly utilize the space for all semi-private functions. On the second level, two bedrooms for kids are at the front and back side of the house, which linked together by multi-purpose family area at the centre part of this floor. Double space from living area downstairs can be seen from this activities area and from the front bedroom with the skylight roof, to create connection between each space and allows for natural daylight instead of creating void on the wall which is prohibited.

The top floor is for a master bedroom with master bath with a laundry room. A Porch with a tree was brought to this top level instead of being a tiny terrace on the ground level with no sunlight. It covered by the front trellis fa├žade, which create more privacy space while staying at this porch. Moreover, another small porch is in-between master bedroom and master bathroom, which has clear glass act as a partition to connect each space together with this porch.