TYPE | fashion retail / interior design
LOCATION | Junction City, Yangon, Myanmar
OWNER | Super One International Co., Ltd.
SITE AREA | 255.40 sq.m

Fashion LAB is a fashion retail shop which contains 5 well-known brands which are BENCH, SHUBERRY, RIPCURL, PAUL FRANK, and MORGAN.

Main concept design is to create a 'LABORATORY' character into the store. Black and white glossy colour are used as primary colours in order to create a lab-like feeling, which all shoppers will sense that they are shopping in Fashion LAB. Moreover, lab's elements which are Beaker Scale signage, Test Tube hanging lamp, etc, are also created either.

An exterior facade design also derived from 'molecule structure' which was intepreted into a field of hexagon continuous to be a plane of the facade.