TYPE | architecture / studio
LOCATION | Arun-Amarin 36 Rd., Bangplad, Bkk, Thailand.
OWNER | TOUCH Architect Co.,Ltd.
PHOTOGRAPHER | Ketsiree Wongwan

The name of this project, | | | F A C A D E, was simply defined by the pattern of main structure which has 4 rhythmic of translucent void. The structure itself is made of wood and has been attached to an existing reinforced concrete column and beam. Functional used was added underneath the façade which hanging down and continue to be a set of horizontal wood trellis.

There are 2 main purposes of this façade which are;

1) Climate and Time Purpose
– translucent poly-carbonate can help reduce heat from sunlight during afternoon, while in the morning and at night, opening windows allow natural ventilation while privacy still occurs

2) Functional Purpose
– umbrella hanger, mailbox, outdoor counter bar, and multi-purpose shelf