PROJECT | Corner House
TYPE | residential
LOCATION | Buddhamonthon Sai2, Bkk, Thailand
OWNER | Mr. Sukrit Kanjanarat

SITE AREA | 117.4 sq.wah (469.6 sq.m.)
FLOOR AREA | 450 sq.m.

This house is located at the west side of Bangkok, Buddhamonthon Sai 2 Street. The site is surrounded by similar detached house harmonize with several trees around.

Due to building law and regulations of this area, FAR (floor area ratio) is only 1:1 which means the gross floor area should not exceed the site area, thus, sizing this house is the first priority that we had to concern.

'CORNER' house, the name of this project also derived from the site itself which enclosed by two sides of public street. While another two side stand by an old neighbor of the owner.

It was designed by following all rules, owner's activities, with aesthetic and comfy.

'Front garage' is covered by solid concrete in both wall and roof, in order to protect and maintain the cars, and the roof is used for roof top garden which can access from activity room on the second floor. Both activity room and roof garden will be used for owner's hobby which is sporting activities.

'Wooden sunken sofa' and 'Glass floor sky bridge' were created to encourage space for relaxing while viewing the 'Fish pond'.