PROJECT | House 285
TYPE | residential
OWNER | Chali Temprasertrudee
SITE LOCATION | Nuntawan, Bangkok, Thailand.
USED AREA | 330 sq.m

An extension architecture was proposed in order to create another living space which can stay closer to nature. This 30 square meters single-storey of living space is used for multi-purpose activity. It can be used as a library, co-working, or co-living room, since there is a large wooden table at the center of the room, along with built-in shelves on two sides of walls. A continuing L-shape of bay-window sofa is extended in order to move forward closely to an outside garden. Moreover, most walls are made of glass for the same purpose.

An interior design inside the existing house is mainly modern-contemporary plus Nordic style. All existing floors material which is Granito tile on the 1st floor, and wooden floor on upstairs, are kept, while proposing built-in furniture which suits for existing materials, while some functions such as bedroom and living area was re-arranged to serve the owners’ need.